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Family Income and College

The Upshot for the New York Times is a fabulous source of QR reading material for your class.  The following interactive graphic is associated to an article on the relation between the percentage of children attending college and family income.  We would all most likely assume that there is a positive correlation between these two variables.  Less obvious is the exact form of this relationship.  Try sketching your own guess before looking at the answer below.

Interactive Graphic: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/05/28/upshot/you-draw-it-how-family-income-affects-childrens-college-chances.html

Don’t look…

Don’t look…

Don’t look…

It turns out that the relationship is almost perfectly linear.  Very rarely do we see such linear data!  It is a great exercise to ask your students to estimate the equation of this line, more difficult is using the slope of this line in a meaningful sentence.  I encourage you to offer suggestions for such a sentence using the slope in a meaningful context, the units are tricky :O)




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