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The Love Bug that Lied

Who could be more trustworthy than Herbie, The Love Bug?  Remember those Disney movies from the 1970’s when the hero was a VW Beetle car, that always did the right thing? What would Herbie have to say about VW actually designing, building, and installing a device in millions of cars that cheats on emissions testing?  It’s … Continue reading

Meaty Climate

At Bowdoin we recently had a teach-in on the topics of Climate and Social Justice.  I had come across the statistic that 18% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions come from the meat industry (includes dairy), which is 40% more than the entire transportation industry!  I was very surprised by this since I, like most people, … Continue reading

The Value of a Penny

In my last blog on the Migrant Crisis I asked students to complete the following analogy: A penny is to $10,000 as _________ is to $1 trillion. The value you just put in the blank is like a penny to the U.S. government’s budget. This example illustrates the importance of proportional reasoning, starting with ratios … Continue reading

Migrant Crisis

The article, Obama Increases Number of Syrian Refugees for U.S. Resettlement to 10,000, is filled with comparisons of different countries’ responses to the migrant crisis.  This provides  an excellent opportunity to practice putting statistics into context by making meaningful comparisons, ratios!  I ask my students to submit questions and answers that they create after reading … Continue reading