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Thinking Quantitatively Webinar

I recently gave a webinar for Pearson detailing my approach to teach Quantitative Reasoning, that I use in my Thinking Quantitatively course.

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The blogs on this site will hopefully give you a good sense of how I use real world context to drive the content in my course.  In particular the quizzes associated to the related articles I assign each week highlight my emphasis on proportional reasoning, a fundamental skill set that underlies much of the ways in which we communicate with numbers.  I also emphasize the use of spreadsheets in my course, and this is not so apparent from the blog postings.  So I thought it would be helpful to include a link to the webinar in which I cover how spreadsheets do appear in my course:

Quantitative Reasoning: A Program for Student Success

It is important to note that you do not have to teach in a computer classroom to use my course materials!  I use screen shots of Excel in my worksheets and students are more than happy to work on developing this crucial skill of spreadsheets outside of the classroom.  Your students absolutely know how important spreadsheets are in the job market, and as an added bonus to you, using spreadsheets develops your students’ algebraic reasoning skills (without them ever realizing they are doing algebra :O).  Watch the video to find out more!



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