Project 3: Campus Map

Thinking Quantitatively Project 3:  Campus Map

You must create a scale drawing of your campus which will fit on an 8 by 11 piece of paper.  To do this you will have to measure distances between landmarks by first measuring your stride and then counting the strides between landmarks.

  1. Find a long hallway with 1 foot square tiles (or some other size that you can measure). Measure how far you walk in 5 strides, then do 10 strides, and then do 20 strides.  Compute the feet per stride for each of these 3 measurements.
  2. Average the three rates from part 1 and use this average rate to measure the distance between landmarks.
  3. Choose 7 landmarks on campus that you will include in your drawing (you must include the building we have class in!).
  4. Now walk the distance between landmarks and use your stride rate to estimate distances.
  5. Choose an appropriate scale.
  6. Make a scale drawing of campus that fits nicely on an 8 by 11 piece of paper.
  7. You will be graded on accuracy of your scale and neatness of your drawing.
  8. Bonus points for the most interesting landmark, farthest landmark, most accurate map, and best map overall.
  9. You MUST walk to all landmarks, driving around is considered cheating and will result in severe penalties.


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