Project 6A: Memory Curve

Thinking Quantitatively Project 6:  Memory Curve

Form groups of 5.

Choose a moderator who will collect the data.

The moderator will show you a string of letters (see spreadsheet below) for 5 seconds, wait 10 seconds and then write down the string as best as you can remember.  It may be easiest for the moderator to first write down the letters in larger font before showing the string to the students.

The moderator will record the number of letters each student got correct, meaning correct letter and correct place.

After going through the entire sheet of letters the group will collate the data together as follows.

  1. For each string write down the number of students who got all letters correct.
  2. For each string write down the percentage of letters the 4 students got correct combined.
  3. Create a data table with length of string as input, there are 7 inputs: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

There will be two separate output columns:

  1. Percentage of students who got that string 100% correct.  Note: There are 5 strings of length 6 on the data sheet, use them all to compute the %.
  2. Percentage of letters correct for each string length (average them together).

Draw a scatter-plot of your data for both output functions.

Fit a linear, and exponential model for each output function.

Interpret the slope and percent change in real world terms for both output functions.

Choose which model you think is best for both output functions and sketch it on the scatter-plot.

Spreadsheet:  Memory



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